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==New Title==
==New Title==
*[[List of online medical encyclopedia]]
*[[MedlinePlus Health News]]
*[[MedlinePlus Health News]]
*[[List of medical websites]]
*[[List of medical websites]]

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About Health++

Health++ (HealthPlusPlus) is a wiki about health, also a medical knowledge base, an online medical encyclopedia.

We are making this wiki unique with adding relevant videos, links, resources and communities. Please join us in this effort to make this wiki the most useful and comprehensive medical wiki resource site.

New Title

Acknowledgement and Attribution Regarding Sources of Content

Some of the initial content on this page may be incorporated in part from copyleft sources in the public domain including wikis such as Wikipedia and AskDrWiki. Drug information for patients came from the The National Library of Medicine. Infectious disease information may have come from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Differential Diagnoses are drawn from clinicians as well as an amalgamation of 3 sources: 1.The Disease Database; 2. Kahan, Scott, Smith, Ellen G. In A Page: Signs and Symptoms. Malden, Massachusetts: Blackwell Publishing, 2004:3; 3. Sailer, Christian, Wasner, Susanne. Differential Diagnosis Pocket. Hermosa Beach, CA: Borm Bruckmeir Publishing LLC, 2002:7 .

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